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Welcome! I discovered Viggo when I saw him in...you guessed it...Lord of the Rings! I wasn't familiar with any of his work, although I must have seen him in one or two movies sometime before. Anyway, after soaking him up from his fascinating blue-green eyes to his wickedly sexy feet, pretty soon I was like, "Where on EARTH has he BEEN all my life?????? Whooooaaaaaa!!!!!"

I must confess, I've watched several of his other movies since then, and none of his other characters do it for me like Aragorn. I've made several Aragorn wallpapers which I've put on my fantasy site, but I've found myself with a buttload of luscious pix of Viggo just being himself, or maybe those other characters, some of whom I've yet to check out (not all of his movies being available where I live...stupid town) and have lately gone on a wallpapering binge. Since I didn't think my latest creations really belonged on the LotR pages, I was at a loss for what to do with them, and so this page was born.

You can view the Aragorn desktops at Armariel's Enchanted Realm....But in the meantime, you can look at these new creations that are...well...strictly Viggo. Enjoy!

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Thanks for visiting and come back sometime! More where those babies came from!

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Please note: This site is strictly artistic/creative in nature and does not contain any biographical information, filmographies, news about upcoming films, or anything of that nature. I am not affiliated with Mr. Mortensen in any way, more's the pity, and don't have a way of contacting him except in my wildest dreams.

Most of the original photos were sent to me by friends, to my Yahoogroups, or gleaned from message boards. Meanwhile tons of thanks to Tammy, Maria, Del, Lynn, and others for the originals...they are MUCH appreciated as you shall see!!!!

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