~Welcome to RoZita's Rainbow!~

Hi folks, I'm Walther, RoZita's decorator! Few things fascinate the you-know-what out of me like color! I just LOVE fooling around with it, trying out different effects, like a kid playing with a kaleidoscope...I could do it all day if these dratted poodles didn't pester the life out of me! You'll find lovely border backgrounds (which are really our specialty, if the truth be known, and some faaaabulous textures--mm!!! And I'll have more up eventually--some of us just don't know when to quit!

And, uh, I really really hate this stuff, but...here goes......You are free to use these all you wish but please upload them to YOUR OWN SITE, ok? and please don't claim them as your own, etc. etc. and be sure and link us back. Here's a nice little banner for you to use if you'd like....

Well, at least, RoZ's picture is on it and she's prettier than I am--not that that's saying a heck of a lot, LOL...






Graphics Anonymous!
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