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"[Antonio] is an invasive, organic force. The energy he releases into the world results in the breakdown of the complex materials within the Chica, forming overwhelming upheaval and total devotion of spirit. It is futile to resist his intense enthusiasm and firmus gluteus maximus. He will toss you in the waves of his dynamic transformations, toy with your senses, leaving a weak, quivering mass. It is a chemical reaction, we are destined to forever keep this vigil. He is the sun and we are drawn to the light." --Lorraine, Banderas fan

"There is so much going on in that face" --Alan Parker, director of Evita

RoZita here! Welcome to my magic Garden! You'll find artwork by myself and friends, fan poetry ditto, stories, postcards you can make and send, silly stuff, links, and maybe even some stuff I'd forgotten about, LOL....And it's still growing, so please check back often if you like what you find! And sign the Guestbook........

Meet the world's tiniest Chica, Esmeralda, fondly known as Esmé.also the world's tiniest dancer, fashion model, stunt pilot, race-car driver, talk-show guest, and incorrigible show-stealer....

She has her own stories as well...and yes, Antonio is in them! Go here

Note: This site is creative/artistic in nature and does not contain biographical information, a filmography, or news about upcoming movies, etc. If this is what you are looking for, I'd highly recommend the AB Web Mall .....Neither am I affiliated with Antonio in any way and I have no way to contact him.....more?s the pity;) (although, come to think of it I DID contact him about a year ago...boy, did I ever contact him.......rrrrrrrrr!!!!

Backgrounds and most graphics were made by me.

Music: "Malaguena"

A beaming astral influence
was evident when he was born.
Angels kissed him on his journey to this earth.
Thus it was written on the tablet of his core
that he would create and direct the storm
which is the whirlwind we ride.
He is rare stock
calling forth heart expanding devotion.
Ardent, feverish, wistful thoughts
that are emblazoned on the mind.
With unconquerable zeal he ventures forth
Gilding the globe
A landscape painting so breathtaking
and unfaded,
you are seized.
Imbued with forceful strokes,
the Mediterranean tints attract you.
Tingling within, you are suspended.
Gazing for what lurks beyond the horizon.
Pierced, you call forth
to that pervading spirit,
in his earthly guise,


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Music: "Malaguena"

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