Hey, a little nonsense never hurt anybody, right? Here you'll find the infamous "Lord of the Rings" musical version...along with some songs that didn't quite make it into the finished version, for some strange reason. Also there are bits and pieces of silly poems and other bouts of lunacy that my obsession inspired...most is my own, though not all. (Hey, I'm not the only LotR nut job around here, ok?)

1. Lord of the Rings: The Musical!

2. Some Silly Song Parodies and Other Nonsense

Or, the Anti-LotR....lol

4. "The Fellership of the Rang"
...bein' Part One of the EASY version of Lord of the Rangs!

"Them There Two Towers
....the NEXT part of Lord of the Rangs...not finished yet but hey....

Hey, everything here don't gotta be pretty, right?

Some things gotta be pretty....


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