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My VIDA Store! Cool art to wear:)

The Antonio Banderas Garden of Dreams

Verrueckt Nach Antonio Banderas/Crazy About Antonio Banderas--
Two Sites Devoted to The Most Beautiful Man on Earth:)

The DelRoZ Gerard Butler Gallery--
A New Site featuring Artwork inspired by our latest hearthrob

RoZita's Sounds
My Soundcloud Page

Two Wild Swans--A Novel
The love story of the German student nurse Uschi and the expatriate Spanish musician Julio, set in WWI Europe. Now available as a book! My Books

Delorita's Songbook
A Birthday Gift for my Best Friend

Mad Jazz Patterns
A Cool Digital Art Site

RoZita's Videos
My Youtube channel

Armariel's Enchanted Realm
Fantasy Art, Poetry, Stories and Humor Mostly Inspired by Lord of the Rings

Armariel's Poetry
Miscellaneous Poetry by Armariel

My Books Armariel's Treehouse
My LiveJournal

Strictly Viggo
A Page of Desktops Devoted Viggo Mortensen

RoZita's Rainbow
Backgrounds, Borders & Textures

Candles in the Wind
My 9/11 Memorial Site

Locked in Our Memory--For Maria, a Tribute
A Site for a Friend who passed away

San Francisco Treat
An Album of Photos I took on a Trip to California

The Wild & Wacky World of Zsa Zsa Girdlebuns
A new page featuring pictures and writings by yet another alter ego...sure to grow bigger eventually!

Creative Photography by Studio 321
A Site Designed for a Friend, now deceased

About Me
At last...the Juicy Facts about my Fascinating Life;)



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Music: "Esmeralda" by RoZita Bartok

Welcome to my corner of the web! This is the gateway to all my websites. Think of it as a sort of cyber bus terminal--you find the site where you want to go, click on it, and you're off!

In the meantime, meet our staff! Here's our little dancer in residence, the delightful Esme...

She's only one inch tall but she can really shake a leg!

And here is my alter ego, the ineffable Armariel....

She is an Elf--yes, you read right...just humor her along, OK, she's actually a pretty decent poet, writer, and artist and has her own sites.

Then there's Walther, my decorator, whom I've graciously allowed to host RoZita's Rainbow, but he prefers that I don't show his picture! But here am I, your hostess, RoZ, Rosie, or RoZita, whichever you prefer......

You can find out my vital stats here if you are truly interested;) Just please feel free to wander about my cafe, find the site that suits your fancy and make yourself right at home. Bon appetite!!!

HEY!!! My books have been published!!!!!! Please check it out here: RoZita's Books GO ME!!!!

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